Indianapolis Private Dining

Eddie Merlot’s is available for breakfast, lunch, all day meetings and dinner events. 

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Danielle Soutendijk

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The Merlot Room

The Merlot Room features a large gas fireplace and natural light from windows spanning the length of one wall.  Our most popular private dining room, the carpeting and wooden accents provide an incredibly quiet environment for presentations or special events.  Multiple set up options are available including but not limited to board room style, rounds, crescents or U-shape.

The Cabernet Room

The Cabernet Room features a private patio with seating for 20 people (weather permitting).  The room also features a gas fireplace and natural light from the windows on three sides.   Perfect for presentations, the room includes four 29 inch flat screen TV’s accessed through a single VGA port.  Set up options in this room include but are not limited to board room style, rounds or crescents.

The Chardonnay Room

The Chardonnay Room is a more intimate space and is perfect for small group presentations, board dinners or smaller social events such as graduation or birthday celebrations.

Intimate/Semi-Private Area

The semi-private area is a perfect area for hosting groups who want the feeling of the main dining room but want some privacy. Accommodating groups of up to 25 people, the space is best set with a long table.

The Main Dining Room

The Main Dining Room is also available for private events.  Featuring bold, custom art pieces, natural light and a warm color palette, the main dining creates a perfect atmosphere for group sizes of more than 65 people. Set up options include classroom style (pictured), rounds, crescents or a combination of styles.

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